Planning for the DO-254 project

The planning phase is crucial in the DO-254 project lifecycle,since it defines how all aspects of the project achieve DO-254 compliance.The team builds the Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification document (PHAC),which should be approved before the project can proceed. A weak planning phase is most commonly the culprit when DO-254 projects develop massive cost overruns and delays.Mentor can help you avoid DO-254 planning problems.

DO-254 金宝搏娱乐城training

Thorough understanding of the DO-254 lifecycle processes is critical to project success.Mentor Graphics offers a two-day 金宝搏娱乐城training class that provides an overview of DO-254 compliance.Classes are offered several times each year and by request.

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DO-254 consulting services

Take advantage of our extensive experience helping companies achieve DO-254 compliance.Our experts and partners work directly with your design teams to help you achieve first-path success.

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Certification authority references

Mentor Graphics certification partners can help streamline the DO-254 certification process.

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