Making DO-254 Easier

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The DO-254 design lifecycle


The crucial initial phase whereby the project team develops the Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification (PHAC).Learn more

Requirements Capture

Requirements must not only be captured,but efficient requirements management (including traceability) is the cornerstone of a successful DO-254 program.Learn more

Conceptual Design

In this phase,high-level concepts and architectures are developed,and the team assesses their potential for meeting established requirements.Learn more

Detailed Design

This is where most of the development occurs,from writing and checking the RTL code through synthesis and place and route.Learn more

Implementation and Production Transition

This is the process of programming or manufacturing the silicon and providing all the appropriate information to production.Learn more

Verification and Validation

This phase,which occurs throughout the DO-254 lifecycle,ensures the requirements are valid,implemented,and fully tested.Learn more