TrustChain™ Security Platform

A trusted foundation for supply chain security and chip lifecycle management

Mentor's end-to-end security platform that gathers useful and reliable chip use data to enable supply chain participants to monitor chip manufacturing and field use,to analyze supply chain vulnerabilities,and to mitigate security issues.The TrustChain solution enables tracking,authenticating,provisioning,and analysis of the use of chips in the supply chain during their lifecycle.

Benefits include:

  • Preventing reverse engineering
  • Protecting IP
  • Increasing product differentiation


TrustChain SiliconIdentity

A silicon-validated solution that securely tracks and provisions complex chips by embedding a unique identity as the root of trust that follows the chip through its lifecycle.


  • Creates secure-reconfigurable chips with a unique ID based on an inborn root of trust
  • Extracts chip's unique ID into a secure server during first power up at wafer test
  • Injects keys to encrypt,sign,or decrypt content for devices or end applications
  • Programs SKUs downstream to reduce inventory risk and exploit volume ramp
  • 基于芯片的信任根在PCB组装过程中创建设备标识
  • Allows authorized parties to securely sign devices based on the SoC root of trust
  • Enables secure firmware and hardware updates in the field with existing infrastructure
  • Tracks field use to evolve Big Data analytics on field failures,intrusions,or counterfeits.

TrustChain Camo

An end-to-end design IP camouflage technology and methodology that enables SoC suppliers to protect their IP from reverse engineering and theft anywhere in the supply chain.


  • Protects proprietary IP crown jewels in an SoC from theft and compromise in the field
  • Prevents loss of revenue by making it economically infeasible to reverse engineer an SoC
  • Increases differentiation by protecting SoC embedded in devices and consumables
  • Reduces attack surface and potential intrusions that may threaten security and safety
  • Minimizes vulnerabilities of electronic devices by preventing usage of clones SoCs
  • Shields mission-critical systems from lack of trust foundry,cloning,and counterfeiting.
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