Tessent ScanPro

Tessent®ScanPro provides all the functionality of Tessent Scan plus advanced scan DFT features that maximize the performance of scan-based test solutions.

Tessent ScanPro includes a unique test point generation and integration process that directly targets ATPG pattern volume reduction.ThisEDT Test Pointtechnology typically improves test compression levels by 2x to 4x and is effective at reducing patterns generated for all types of fault models.

Features and Benefits

  • Incudes all scan insertion capabilities included in Tessent Scan
  • Generates and integrates EDT test points for significant TestKompress pattern volume reduction
  • Includes advanced design introspection and editing capabilities through Tessent Shell
  • Reduces scan DFT integration effort and time
  • Improves effectiveness of ATPG and ATPG compression solutions
  • Improves work efficiency by enabling all DFT related design activity to take place in a single tool

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