Tessent FastScan

Tessent® FastScan™simplifies the process of generating high-coverage compact test sets.Its ability to be applied to most any type of design makes it the most versatile ATPG solution available.Comprehensive at-speed test is critical to ensure high-quality testing.Tessent FastScan's at-speed tests include transition,multiple detect transition,timing-aware,and critical path.

Benefits and Features

  • Extensive fault model support,including stuck-at,IDDQ,transition,path delay,and bridge.
  • On-chip PLL support for accurate at-speed test.
  • Ensures the highest performance ATPG for full and structured partial scan designs.
  • Reduces run time with no effect on coverage or pattern count using distributed ATPG.
  • Minimizes the effect of Xs and provide higher coverage with false and multicycle support.
  • Identifies testability problems early using comprehensive design rule checking.
  • Reduces test validation time with automatic simulation mismatch debugging.

Tessent FastScan MacroTest Option

Automates testing small embedded memories and cores with scan.

Award-Winning Technology

Test & Measurement World,1993

Best-in-Test Honorable Mention
Test & Measurement World,2004

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