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With our easy to use and accurate 金宝愽备用网址software,实际上,您可以制作简单到复杂的电磁和机电设备的原型。

MagNet 2D/3D is a powerful simulation 金宝愽备用网址software which engineers and scientists worldwide use for the design of motors,sensors,变压器,执行器,solenoids or any component with permanent magnets or coils.

提高效率。虚拟原型可以节省时间和金钱。可以快速探索多种配置,providing insight into performance for design improvements which reduce costs.




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Creating a VHDL-AMS model of a claw-pole alternator

A Response Surface Model (RSM) is embedded in the VHDL-AMS file to create a component which is functionally equivalent to the original MagNet model.

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MagNet offers both 2D and 3D electromagnetic field simulations,在同一个用户友好界面中:

  • 静磁的
  • Frequency dependent (AC)
  • Time varying,包括运动部件的影响


Recent Improvements

  • 新的线圈定义工具,检测电流路径和方向
  • 牛顿收敛新算法显著加快
  • Algorithmic parallelism improvements in all 2D and 3D solvers
  • Improved nonlinear surface impedance approximation
  • Easily model laminations with the perfect electric insulators boundary condition
  • 预测构件表面力密度
  • Multicore mesh generator,solvers and post-processor for even faster results
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