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Tools for the safe design of components,systems and environments

加工厂可以包括许多英里长的管道和配件。Ensuring that such systems are adequately designed,heat exchangers sized and shut down/start up procedures defined is critical to safe and efficient operation. Be it predicting pressure surge in a pipeline system,optimizing a heat exchanger design or ensuring an environment it properly ventilated;Mentor Graphics has a suite of simulation packages to provide engineers with the insight they need to oversee innovative and safe designs.


Industrial Gas Networks

Many industrial processes require the safe handling of toxic and/or high temperature gases


天然气的运输和处理是许多工业过程中存在的一个问题。These gases may be at elevated temperatures,high flow rates,toxic or any combination of the above.Therefore it is not only essential to understand any proposed network well in order to design the most efficient plant,it is also an absolute requirement for establishing a safe operating environment.

Recommended Solutions

Flomaster使工程师能够构建其管道的虚拟原型,使组件能够调整大小,different configurations assessed,insulation requirements judged and safety critical scenarios evaluated.它的可压缩解算器可以处理真实和理想气体模型,并由一个完整的NIST流体特性数据库补充。


Ventilation/Contaminant Dispersal

Ensure adequate ventilation reaches all parts of a facility or that clean rooms are suitably served by fresh air and exhaust networks.


气流是一个复杂的现象,subtle geometry changes or changes in temperature can result in very different flow patterns.  This has particular importance where the designer needs to consider the dispersal of pollutants in laboratories,cleanrooms or hospitals.  A thorough understanding of the response over a range of likely operating scenarios is essential:

For cleanrooms it is important to trace numerous contaminants through it- whether they are clothing particles or other larger sources of contaminants.

FloEFD allows both quantitative and qualitative results to be analyzed in the native CAD environment.

In healthcare facilities,airborne viruses and bacteria can be a threat to both patients and staff.These can have a devastating impact depending on where this exposure occurs,whether it's in a patient room,隔离室或手术室。通过通风系统的有效设计,能够控制或消除这些污染物是很重要的。

在实验室里,it is important that the overall ventilation system for the space does not compromise the effectiveness of the fume hoods.特别地,potentially hazardous chemical vapors could escape from the fume hood and create danger for the scientists within the room.

Recommended Solutions


Flovent提供了一个强大的解决方案,可以快速评估内部环境的通风。专为这项任务而设计,its interface is designed to aid engineers in obtaining useful results quickly and easily.Floovent为暖通空调气流建模设计提供了一个全面的模型创建环境。可以从一套完整的智能部件(智能模型创建宏)快速组装各种模型。SmartParts capture modeling expertise,streamlines model creation,最小化求解时间,从而最大化求解精度。

Water Hammer


Pressure surge,或“水锤,occurs when rapid changes to fluid velocity occur in a pipeline system.  We most commonly experience it in its most benign form as the ‘knocking' sound sometimes heard when a domestic tap is quickly closed.  However,在工业规模上,it can be severe enough to cause catastrophic component failure.  It is therefore essential that designers of pipeline systems understand the likely pressure response of their networks to planned (normal shut down and check valve operations) and unplanned events (pump/valve failures etc.).  This knowledge can be used to select and choose appropriate surge mitigation strategies and devices.

Recommended Solutions

The computational engine that powers FloMASTER is specifically designed to track pressure waves and predict vapor cavity formation in systems.  This capability is augmented by a comprehensive component database based upon the industry renowned work Internal Flow Systems.  This ensures that accurate pressure predictions are assured at all operating conditions.

FloMASTER contains all the tools an engineer will need to analyze the transient response of a pipeline system: the empirical data that underpins the component library provides unprecedented accuracy,while the method of characteristics solver and cavity prediction tool allow for even the most severe surge events to be readily predicted.

The component library encompasses a range of common surge alleviation devices such as gas admission valves and surge tanks,它允许从设计过程的早期阶段选择和调整最有效的方法。

FloEFD offers engineers the opportunity to carry out accurate three-dimensional computer simulations of components without the overhead usually associated with 3D computational fluid dynamics.  Embedded within a range of commonly used CAD tools,它使用了一种独特且经过充分验证的方法来快速求解最复杂的几何图形。

The ability to export results from parametric studies in FloEFD affords designers the opportunity to augment the FloMASTER component library with bespoke performance data.

Fire Mains

The combination of large scale,high flow-rate and rapid actuation makes fire mains particularly vulnerable to water hammer.


消防总管是远洋船舶和任何规模的加工厂消防策略的支柱。它们将三个元素(比例,flow-rate and short response time) that make them particularly vulnerable to water hammer.

Careful analysis and design is therefore essential to ensure that installed systems fulfil their required role.


FloMASTER enables designers to accurately predict the performance of both open and closed loop systems in steady state and transient.  Flow rates to different points of the network can be easily balanced and – if required – surge alleviation measure evaluated and sized.

Cooling Water Networks


The laws of thermodynamics make it clear that where we use heat to generate power,there will always be a proportion rejected to a cold sink.

Cooling networks can be extremely complex,vary widely in scale and design but they are always critical to the safe and continued use of the installation they support.  The design of such networks is thus fundamental to the safe operation of systems covering a range from a few kilo-Watts to several giga-Watts.

Recommended Solutions

FloMASTER was designed from the outset to aid the design of cooling water networks for large scale thermal power stations.  The accuracy of the empirical data that underpins the solver ensures that designers can be sure they're sizing their system based on the best information available.  The importance of this feature is of particular significance today given spiraling energy costs and the drive towards high efficiency systems.

The transient solver in FloMASTER enables designers of smaller scale systems – which typically operate at a range of conditions – to understand the response of their network to changing loads and demands.在更大的范围内,where water hammer is a real risk,Flomaster非常适合帮助量化和设计不良的喘振事件,并保护冷却水冷凝器。


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