Fluid thinking for systems engineers


FloMaster,以前称为FlowMaster,是领先的通用目的1Dcomputational fluid dynamics (CFD)任何规模复杂管道系统中流体力学建模和分析的解决方案。

Companies can maximize their return on investment by integrating FloMASTER at every stage of the development process, taking advantage of the data management and collaborative capabilities of this analytical tool. It is used by companies across a wide range of industries to reduce the development time and costs of their thermo-fluid systems. It helps systems engineers to:

  • 模拟压力浪涌,温度和流体流速系统宽
  • 了解设计改变,组件尺寸,选择和操作条件如何准确,快速地影响整体流体系统性能。


Internal Flow Systems, by D.S. Miller, 3rd Edition

用于汽车,海上,民用,工艺,制造,电力和水工程应用的任何热流体系统的从业者,研究人员,讲师和学生的基本阅读。Learn more

Our team will utilize FloMASTER to analyze a full simulation on our Hardware In the Loop (HIL). This innovative tool will also be used for our vehicle’s complex thermal management system to optimize our vehicle’s efficiency. The use of this tool and its convenience will allow our team to spend less time on these tasks and more time on other complex facets of our vehicle.

Embry-Riddle EcoCar 3团队

When modelling multi arm junctions such as automotive thermostats and pump housings, characterizing individual flow paths as parallel and independent losses can give rise to 15 to 20% error in predicting mass flow rates through an outlet. This error is eradicated by considering the effect of changes in branch pressure drops with changing flow rates in the other branches. Using FloEFD to perform full spectrum 3D CFD characterization of the housing and integrating inter-dependent flow channel interactions into a FloMASTER N-Arm component improves simulation accuracy, confidence and trust reducing physical testing times and ultimate time to market.

Sudhi Uppuluri, Principal Investigator, Computational Sciences Experts Group

The use of FloMASTER within ZF Wind Power has resulted in an efficiency way of developing oil distribution networks for wind turbine gearboxes.”



  • 具有传热分析的不可压缩和可压缩系统的多功能稳态和瞬态仿真
  • 压力浪涌分析,温度和流体流量预测
  • Extensive catalog of customizable component models with built-in empirical data

Open, Extendable Architecture

  • 创建定制组件模型
  • 创建用于控制组件或网络的脚本
  • Open API structure allows integration into user product development process including in-house codes, CAE, manufacturing and optimization tools
  • Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) support for model export and co-simulation allows FloMASTER models to be shared across other CAE tools during the design process through an independent standard for model exchange.
  • 将瞬态事件生成的流体动力学导出为前导管应力分析工具(如SST CaEpipe和Integraph®CaesarII®)的时间历史。


  • Secure storage of networks, performance data, components and results in an industry standard relational database
  • 审计跟踪与“回滚”功能的模型设计历史记录
  • 管理控件对项目数据的用户访问权限
  • 数据库同步使得工程师能够安全地在现场工作,从服务器脱机


The ‘Experiments’ feature in FloMASTER provides users with the ability to conduct superior ‘what-if’ analyses for 1D thermo-fluid analysis.

  • 使用拉丁方算法,FloMaster可帮助用户在特定边界之间生成分布式输入值的独特组合。这种能力为创建创建元模型和响应表面的理想基础,这些响应表征FloMaster系统响应
  • 可以执行蒙特卡罗模拟以基于从所选输入参数的平均值和标准偏差产生的概率分布来产生模拟结果。这允许检查要检查的输入值的小变化的效果,并使FloMaster能够用于风险分析和质量控制环境,例如六西格玛(DFSS)的设计


  • 使用CAD2FM,工程师可以在诸如NX,Solid Edge,Catia,Creo和SolidWork等工具中自动从3D几何中生成FloMaster的系统级模型,将网络创建时间降低至95%。
  • Simulation Based Characterization (SBC) allows unique or novel component level designs to be characterized thermally or with respect to pressure drop using 3D CFD in FloEFD. This characterization can then be used inside FloMASTER for more accurate analysis of the overall system behavior.
  • OneSim is a tightly coupled co-simulation workflow that enables a 3D CFD model in FloEFD to be considered as part of a 1D CFD FloMASTER network. Such a workflow enables the accuracy of a 3D CFD simulation to be applied to parts that would otherwise be overly simplified when represented as system level components.
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