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FREE hands-on trial!免费试用FloEFD进行为期30天的PTC Creo测试,试驾20项功能强大的CFD任务,包括LED热特性测试,CPU cooling analysis,hydraulic loss determination and more.

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由先生阿部宽Mr.石桥直人,Mr.志崎町,& Mr.Fumio YuzawaSeiko Epson Corporation;太太Hideko Murano,Syuzaiya;太太Hiromi Sugihara,Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.

Figure 1Seiko Epson Corporation in Toyoshina,,六、规划设计部

T丰吉纳的He Seiko Epson公司,日本is home to the VI Planning & Design Department.In March 1989,the Visual Instruments Operations Division was established,以液晶电视和液晶投影仪为核心产品。

Epson used its liquid crystal projectors to develop an entirely new market that the 188bet手机官网company continues to lead: data projectors as multimedia presentation tools.It is here that they developed the technology for the world's first compact,全彩色液晶投影机。The first Epson branded projector,the VPJ-700,was built here with revolutionary technology that allowed the projector to use liquid crystal panels instead of a traditional 3-gun CRT to present a picture,从而向世界展示了液晶显示器的全新应用。With the release of the VPJ-700,爱普生成为视觉仪器领域的观察公司,188bet手机官网where it combined liquid crystal panel technology with optics to develop new products.

Figure 2LCD投影仪历史记录

Epson's 17 year period with top market share for the Japanese projector market has been achieved by empowering engineers and having an efficient design lifecycle.Today,projectors are used for business,education,and for home entertainment.每个应用程序都需要这些产品紧凑,light-weight,便携式,最重要的是耐用。所有这些属性的挑战当然是热的。

投影仪中的热源,比如电源和灯,result in high temperatures inside the projector housing.As smaller,more compact portable projectors are continuously being developed the first consideration for the designers at Epson is always making heat sources smaller.根据设计和所用材料的性质,the units tend to retain heat in their body unless it is vented into the air or through other parts.Radiant heat transfer is the most important consideration in the development of projectors.

The Thermal Challenge

以前的投影机型号不需要高亮度,因此不会辐射高温。当时市场上只有几种型号,爱普生可以承担一个漫长的开发周期。如果在测试过程中出现任何问题,他们可以简单地重新设计单元。当LCD技术被引进时,the development period halved as there was now a demand for projectors that were brighter,had more functionality,and were smaller.

和许多小型设备一样,the path for heat radiation is limited,然而,需要在外壳内进行空气冷却。As well as this,development timescales are sometimes underestimated and can prove costly if they overrun.

Empowering Analysis Engineers

Thermal analysis simulation started at Epson in the 1990's by a team of in-house analysts.This team analyzed all of the products in SEIKO EPSON,including projectors and other electronic devices.Despite the new challenges faced in thermal analysis there was still a requirement to reduce development times and costs.The solutions tended to be focused on each type of device Epson manufactured in order to solve the more complex problems for physics analysis.因此,2007年成立了一个由专门的分析师组成的新团队来分析投影机。很快就明显,随着开发时间的加快,很难在开发阶段完成开发。Meanwhile designers found it frustrating that they had to wait for the result of analysis by analysts,thereby squeezing the time they had in the design cycle to design and change geometries as necessary.Consequently,精工爱普生于2009年开始为Creo使用FloEFD,以使设计师能够分析自己的设计并提高生产率。


图3Analysis required for the improvement of design quality

According to Mr Hiroshi Abe,“The most important consideration in selecting an analysis 金宝愽备用网址software tool was that all team members could use it regardless of their level of ability.我们评估了以下三个标准:

  1. The people who don't have much experience of analysis can use it easily.特别地,啮合,as this is one of the most difficult processes.FloEFD的自动网格化使您能够设置模型的特定区域。As for workflow,we only needed to select"yes"or"no"通过使用向导,我们还可以通过习惯了解在分析过程中应该设置什么。
  2. It was important that the tool integrated with Pro/ENGINEER.We didn't want to have to create another model for analysis and being CAD-embedded we could validate various analysis models repeatedly.We also wouldn't have any difficulty in switching between processes (from design to analysis).
  3. A comprehensive database.FloEFD has a world-standard database.特别是we are able to use other databases in the Mentor Graphics suite of products,such as FloTHERM.它为用户真正好处。”“

Improving Electronics Cooling Simulation

Mr Naoki Ishibashi at Epson notes that often the challenge when a 188bet手机官网company purchases a new tool is the adoption of its use within established teams with established processes.When Seiko Epson employed FloEFD the take up was swift.The product's intuitive environment was a contributing factor that quickly saw the number of license requests spread.“事实上,我对早期用户的增长没有信心。在我们尝试了一个许可证作为测试之后,有很多人想使用它,因为其他用户的良好声誉已经传播开来。Now,we have six licenses.Sometimes I tried to say to some people,‘this 金宝愽备用网址software is really comfortable.You can use it anytime.试一试,然后用户数量增加了。I didn't force them to use it at all."“

By adopting FloEFD,Seiko Epson designers were able to affect designs as they developed,有信心在测试过程中分析团队会发现结果中的任何差异。FloEFD users found new ways to solve difficulties with their newly acquired skill set in analysis.Something the analysts weren't able to deliver as they serviced all the products in the 188bet手机官网company.Simulation is an essential part of the product development cycle at Seiko Epson so the usability by engineers of any tool is crucial.

“Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is difficult for me even though I've been experienced in analysis for 20 years!然而,the first time I tried to use FloEFD,I was amazed by its simplicity,“先生说。Fumio Yuzawa。“典型的所谓“高端CFD”软件使用非常复杂的网格技术。金宝愽备用网址FloEFD只要求您选择1到8之间的分辨率级别。无论网格分辨率如何,an adequate number of cells is entrusted to the operator so we have accumulated know-how.如果我们有很多时间和高规格的机器,使用高级网格更好吗?I think that's not necessarily so."“

“有一天,I had some difficulties with the analysis of fan air cooling.困难是通过使用氟利昂来解决的。I didn't consider creating a one-to-one relationship between the characteristic of P-Q curve and the cooling system.我在分析了空气冷却风扇之后终于成功了。”“

Figure 4更改几何路径后的冷却气流验证。

Figure 5Design study based on a deflecting panel's temperature

Figure 6Cooling airflow verification inside of the whole enclosure

FloEFD was able to assist in the challenges the team faced with design of semiconductors in projectors.半导体通过自然空气冷却达到高温,通常在达到工业标准60%的情况下进行设计。Designer knowledge and experience will not achieve this level of attainment easily,so FloEFD proved to be the key to solving this challenge.“以及易用性和多功能性,Floefd是准确的”先生说。Fumio Yuzawa“虽然一些复杂的部分仍然需要专业的分析知识,但还有其他部分,such as enclosure air cooling,这完全可以通过测试,因为我们对我们得到的结果的准确性非常有信心。氟利昂在我们的日常工作中是必不可少的。In many cases,我们无法预测分析结果,但FloEFD会自动引导我们纠正结果。”“


“We want to tackle the problem of projector noise.我们的投影仪遍布全球,not only in Japan.There are some countries with high temperatures,humidity and elevation.我们必须设计以适应不同的环境,因为这些变量会导致投影仪的声音更大,为客户带来不便”先生说。Shigeki Kikuchi.“The difficulty lies in the ability to attach larger fans into modern compact projectors.我们用五到六个小风扇冷却。噪音对策是绝对必要的,所以我作为一个声音分析师加入了这个团队。We started to measure unpleasant noise over the recent few years and reflect these results in our products."“

科技世界在不断发展,但精工爱普生是投影机创新的前沿。公司享有188bet手机官网先驱者和市场领先者的特权。爱普生的投影仪在办公室里被广泛使用,schools,零售商,博物馆,movie theaters,还有客厅。Most recently in 2011,爱普生开发了moverio BT-100。这个革命性的产品是世界上第一个*独立的透明移动浏览器,允许用户随时随地享受大屏幕体验。Moverio signaled Epson's intention to create a new visual communications culture.Going forward,爱普生的目标是利用其原始的投影技术,创造出更多的原始产品,为世界各地的各种客户提供大屏幕体验。

* According to Epson research as of November 25,2011.The world's first civilian-use see-through mobile viewer that allows users to view video contents without being connected to another device.

Figure 7Optimization of mesh calculation

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