Calibre RVE

调试物理和电路验证的错误结果是昂贵的,在时间和资源上。Calibre RVEprovides fast,flexible,easy-to-use graphical debugging capabilities that minimize your turnaround time and get you to"tapeout-clean"on schedule.Better yet,Calibre RVE easily integrates into all popular layout environments,so no matter which design environment you use,Calibre RVE provides the debugging technology you need for fast,准确的错误决议。

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless automated integration with popular design environments preserves the investment in EDA tools
  • Quick,intuitive debugging in cell/block and full-chip designs reduce debug time and iterations
  • Flexible,customizable interface allows quick,easy selection and sorting of results.
  • Cross probe results between layout,schematic,source netlist,布局网络列表和Calibre LVSresult files.
  • View all parasitics generated byCalibre xRC™in the Parasitic Browsing window to see extracted values.
  • Locates and visualizes DFM recommended rules,working withCalibre DFM工具
  • Automated short isolation debugging makes even the most complex power ground short simple to fix.
  • 马克Calibre DRC™errors as fixed or waived for subsequent runs.
  • Fast and intuitive hierarchical SPICE browser for source and layout netlists.

""I was using a previous version of Calibre.I had a complex lvs problem that I was having difficulty locating where the problem was.A Mentor AE recommended I upgrade to the latest version which had lots of improvements in the GUI and reporting of errors.新的calibre-rve/lvs把我带到了违规实例的坐标处,我能马上看到短裤。And it told me exactly which node it was shorted to.I would certainly encourage Calibre users to look into upgrading to the latest release of the 金宝愽备用网址software.""

Brent Lickiss,Layout Manager,Adesto Technologies
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