Calibre MAPI

Calibre® MAPI™extends the tcl programming language set available inCalibre MDPview™with dedicated functions supporting the extraction and validation of suitable locations for mask metrology.

Calibre MAPI provides the basis for user programming of customized applications.The command set includes a user controlled random search by pattern characteristics like size,type (line,contact),direction and tone.In addition a local search is available to validate previously defined locations.Further functions are provided to reduce a matching set of patterns to a desired number and distribution across the mask.For each location layout parameters can be extracted along with images in different formats and output in files formatted in accordance with the equipment requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase efficiency and reliability of the measurment process.
  • Provides bridge from Calibre analysis programs.
  • Streamline application development with code reuse.
  • Quickly customize metrology applications from basic tasks
  • Maintain consistency,and minimize redundancy in metrology applications

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