Visual Elite

Advanced TLM-RTL Design and Integration Platform

Visual Elite™is the state-of-the-art design and integration platform enabling designers and system architects to intuitively capture and connect SystemC,TLM 2.0 and HDL blocks into complex SoC's and systems.

Visual Elite is built upon a strong HDL implementation infrastructure while offering the most advanced electronic system-level (ESL) and transaction level modeling (TLM) concepts and mechanisms.Visual Elite greatly simplifies and accelerates capturing design structures in a hierarchical manner from untimed algorithmic systems and TLM architectures down to HDL descriptions.Delivering a design and integration platform across abstraction levels and domains is key to managing design complexities and disciplines throughout the design life-cycle.

Features and Benefits


  • Continuous development process from TLM to RTL implementation
  • 混合并匹配不同级别的抽象
  • 母语前端简化了学习曲线和采用
  • Intuitive design methods allow design sharing and reuse
  • Improves revision control tracking and documentation
  • 多学科设计管理


  • SystemC and HDL Mixed language design and integration
  • Variety of text and graphical design creation methods
  • Native SystemC and TLM 2.0 graphical assembly
  • Cross language code generation
  • Unique macro set for SystemC and HDL data flow design
  • Automatically maps source code into graphical representation
  • Seamlessly Integrates 3rd party models
  • Link with Vista,Questa and other mixed language simulators
  • Built in documentation
  • Design life-cycle management platform
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