Advanced SoC Debug Solution

Intuitive and powerful HW and SW debug solutions to improve debug productivity across ESL,formal,RTL /门电路级模拟和仿真平台

The Mentor debug solution maximizes performance,capacity and automation for the complete SoC design and verification cycle.Tightly integrated with Questa Simulation and Veloce Emulation,the solution includes the industry-leadingCodelinkproduct family for hardware and 金宝愽备用网址software debug,and the new可视化工具调试环境for testbench and hardware debug.


  • 高性能,高容量调试环境,提供交互式和后SIM卡
  • 提高嵌入式软件的调试效率,transaction-level,测试台,RTL,gate-level and low-power design and verification
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