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QuestaCoverCheck是一个自动的正式解决方案,可以更快地实现代码覆盖关闭。The tool addresses an incontrovertible fact of verification: no matter the combination of techniques used,and even after running an exhaustive battery of tests,未发现的代码的一部分总是保留下来。


对于D&V工程师,few things in verification are more frustrating than watching the code coverage score plateau well short of your coverage spec.不管你写了多少聪明的定向测试,不管你尝试了多少种不同的随机种子,覆盖率的得分仅仅是平线。In parallel,指定放弃故意从分析中排除未使用的IP配置可能是一个冗长且容易出错的手动过程。

Questa CoverCheck
Questa CoverCheck automatically traverses your DUT's state spaces and identifies unreachable areas,允许用户“放弃“/exclude items from future analyses,并将所有结果传输到统一覆盖数据库(UCDB)中,以便将其包含在Questa验证管理分析和进度报告中。

解决方案:questa covercheck

Questa CoverCheck is an automatic formal solution for achieving code coverage closure.明确地,CoverCheck通过UCDB从模拟中读取代码覆盖率结果,并针对覆盖孔。结果包括:

  • Formal proof that the code can be safely ignored.在这种情况下,自动生成豁免以优化代码覆盖率结果。
  • 利用发动机罩下的正式发动机生成波形,显示如何到达覆盖点,因此,指导用户如何增强他们的模拟测试台来覆盖这些项目。
  • Flagging of code coverage items that are difficult to reach by formal techniques and haven't been hit in simulation;从而为验证复杂性提供了一个有价值的度量。这指导工程师改变他们的设计,使他们更容易验证。


  • 详尽地识别死代码区域
  • Can generate a"证人痕迹waveform to show how to reach a specific cover point in simulation
  • 易于使用的弃权创建标志”“合法死亡”区域(由于故意不使用IP配置模式,etc.) for downstream tools
  • 通过questa高级模拟器和questa验证管理进行的覆盖测量将自动排除这些区域。
  • Supports all popular forms of code coverage: line/statement,branch,切换,有条件的,表达式,有限状态机,覆盖群
  • 强大的调试环境-轻松链接到相关源代码,示意图,waveforms and state diagrams


  • No time is wasted dreaming up tests to try to cover unreachable code
  • Automatically improves design quality – and potentially saves die area -- by exhaustively finding dead code areas
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