PCB New Product Introduction (NPI)


Combine best-in class DFM solutions powered by Valor with manufacturing product modeling to enable the most efficient and cost-effective new product introductions.Validating the PCB design against your suppliers' capabilities assures highest quality products at the lowest possible costs on the initial release.

More than 1000 manufacturing rules can be applied concurrently throughout the design flow to reduce revisions and costly re-spins at the manufacturing level.

  • Integrated with Xpedition so PCB designers can benefit from powerful DFM without having to learn a new application
  • Identifies aspects of the PCB design that impact yield,cost,and reliability
  • Most comprehensive DFM analysis covers fabrication,assembly,测试,flex/rigid-flex,substrate,和面板
  • Easily create assembly panels optimized for material savings
  • Analysis of manufacturing BOM against design assures no discrepancies which can be costly when found later
  • Validation for fit of all qualified parts in Approved Vendor List (AVL)


DFM Validation & NPI

New product introduction (NPI) platform for PCB design-to-manufacturing handoff


Integrated fabrication preparation environment

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