PowerPro®RTL Low-Power

The only RTL Low-Power solution that brings together analysis,optimization,and formally-verified automatic RTL generation,enabling designers to get maximum,accurate power savings fast.

Power Estimation

PowerPro provides the industry's most accurate register-transfer level (RTL) power estimation solution.This dramatic advantage in accuracy over other solutions is made possible by PowerPro's new and unique technology developed and optimized for FinFET designs.

PowerPro's innovative hybrid synthesis approach creates a physical-aware design representation,optimized for RTL power estimation accuracy,preserving abstraction where appropriate and synthesizing implementation details where necessary.

In addition,PowerPro's sequential analysis-based propagation engines capture temporal and spatial correlations for all signals,including internal signals created during the synthesis process.As a result,precise and complete switching activity information is formed resulting in more accurate RTL power analysis.

The power results are provided in the context of the RTL source code,schematic display,design hierarchy,and various sortable reports to enable efficient design analysis and easy power tracking throughout the design cycle.


  • RTL power estimation with physical accuracy across PVT corners
  • Provides a realistic replacement for gate-level power estimation flows
  • Powerful graphical design visualization with cross-probing capability
  • Flexible configuration options to enhance the designer's experience
  • Textual and graphical reports (ASCII,HTML,CSV,XML)
  • Track power consumption throughout design cycle
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