PowerPro®RTL Low-Power

The only RTL Low-Power solution that brings together analysis,optimization,and formally-verified automatic RTL generation,enabling designers to get maximum,accurate power savings fast.

Guided Power Reduction

The PowerPro platform provides an interactive approach to power exploration and power reduction,making it easy to achieve the lowest power RTL for the design.

Power-conscious designers know that it is during the microarchitecture and RTL design stages that they can have the biggest impact on power consumption.However,with short design windows,it is difficult to navigate the growing maze of design complexity to find and implement the best power savings opportunities.

PowerPro thoroughly analyzes the RTL source code and looks for design suboptimalities that lead to excessive consumption and power waste.The built-in expert system is engineered to identify dozens of different potential optimizations.

Powered by patented deep sequential analysis,PowerPro looks across thousands of clock cycles,registers and datapath operators to find opportunities to reduce power consumption.Each of these opportunities is conveniently reported in sortable and cross-probable reports making it very easy for designers to rank the optimizations and to implement them in their RTL code.

For designers looking to go even farther,PowerPro also features an industry-first power exploration solution.Using PowerPro's unique query interface,designers can perform what-if analysis,exploring microarchitecture choices and interactively measuring the effect of design decisions without changing the RTL code or leaving the tool.

PowerPro's power reduction features are fully integrated within the RTL power estimation flow.Used throughout the RTL design cycle,PowerPro interactively guides designers to achieve the lowest power implementations.


  • Finds and reports hundreds of power savings opportunities
  • Provides detailed guidance on how to implement power reduction in the RTL
  • RTL what-if analysis to interactively evaluate power impact of different microarchitectures
  • Unique incremental architecture eliminates iterations through simulation,synthesis and power analysis tools for power exploration
  • Launch multiple concurrent queries and easily compare results
  • Task-oriented apps and queries for a modern and intuitive workflow
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