AXSB™ Automotive Grade Reference Platform

AXSB™ is a near-A sample reference hardware platform built specifically for automotive development teams servicing Automotive OEMs,Tier 1 suppliers and aftermarket manufacturers.

Build a world class infotainment system capable of scaling to any automotive trim level.The single DIN AXSB conforms to automotive layout rules,is built from automotive-grade components,provides automotive interfaces and operates from an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) optimized automotive power architecture with power events tied to ignition events.

The AXSB features a wide variety of automotive specific,consumer variant and developer friendly input/output connectors.

The AXSB automotive hardware reference platform
  • Four CVBS video inputs for cameras
  • Ethernet
  • USB2/USB3
  • Automotive HDMI input
  • SATA
  • Speed signal
  • CAN
  • Two video outputs can be either FPD-LINK III or APIX2 video outputs,because the AXSB contains both types of transceivers. The video connection type used is selected in 金宝愽备用网址software.
  • UART for development
  • HDMI output for development

Enable your team with AXSB automotive rapid prototyping to shorten development cycles and get to market faster with more compelling features.


Powerful and Connected

The Texas Instruments™ DRA7xx Jacinto 6 at the heart of the AXSB is a next-generation infotainment processor and enables feature-rich automotive experiences with two Arm® Cortex®-A15 cores and two Arm® Cortex®-M4 cores.

The Texas Instruments™ WiLink™ 8 connectivity module provides our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options in the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands and also includes GPS functionality.While the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas are built into the PCB to minimize connectors on the board,the AXSB™ provides an STI-CO® GPS antenna connector compatible with many GPS antenna systems.

Flexible and Clever

The AXSB feature boost provides a standard PCI express connector for additional functionality and connections,such as VU,audio,MII interface and additional control signals.

All heat generating components are mounted on the bottom of the board for chassis cooling.

Our intelligently partitioned IO design allows designers the flexibility to use the IO controller that meets the needs of their project.  The two channel CAN design connects both channels to the IO controller.One CAN channel is transparently connected to the TI J6 processor so CAN will still function without a separate IO controller.

Dual-channel tuner board

XSe Tuner

The AXSB includes a dual channel AM/FM tuner card.The card can be replaced with a digital audio broadcasting (DAB) capable tuner card because the AXSB exposes DAB signals to the tuner card interface.

XSe Amplifier

The AXSB includes a class-D four channel amplifier with 42 watts per channel.The four channels are exposed via the automotive connector.

Platform Schematics

Proven starting point for automotive teams to modify and manufacture production-quality infotainment platforms.Includes AXSB layout,schematics,pin assignment,HW-SW Interface doc,and manuals.

Most evaluation boards are 12 or 16 layer designs meant to optimize schedule not manufacturing cost.Our 8 layer PCB design results in manufacturing cost savings and easier outsourcing to high volume manufacturing.

Our team of automotive experts are ready to provide world class process and design consultation through any stage of automotive development.

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