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Sourcery™ CodeBench goes beyond just the compiler to provide developers with powerful open source,嵌入式C/C++开发工具的搭建,调试,analyze and optimize embedded 金宝愽备用网址software in complex heterogeneous architectures including Arm,IA32,MIPS and Power Architectures.

Sourcery CodeBench delivers a powerful toolset that helps embedded 金宝愽备用网址software engineers to efficiently develop and optimize software for a variety of targets and various domains including Automotive,Connectivity,Graphics,and Video applications.

Sourcery CodeBench Delivers Advanced 金宝愽备用网址Software Insight for Embedded Development

With Sourcery CodeBench you can develop embedded systems on microcontrollers and microprocessors for bare metal and Linux based applications.The growing complexity of embedded systems requires greater insight into system execution and performance and new approaches to debugging applications.Use Sourcery CodeBench andintegrated Sourcery Analyzerto quickly identify and fix functional and performance issues in your complex embedded system.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • 基于Eclipse的IDE使空间定制和项目管理
  • 增强的源代码编辑器的语法高亮
  • 可视化调试内存,登记和拆卸的看法
  • JTAG probe debug support and easy setup via debug configuration choices
  • Code analysis,格式化和重构能力
  • Custom board support through Board Builder,a tool for automatically generating linker scripts,调试配置文件,启动代码基于主板的内存映射


  • Improve build performance with compile caching
  • 改进的优化和可靠性增强编译器
  • Inline assembly support
  • Support for interrupt handling
  • Modifiable linker scripts for advanced code and data placement
  • 减少应用程序的启动时间和GNU / Linux prelinker和后处理器
  • Reduced memory footprint for GNU/Linux systems by excluding library functions not used by any program.


  • 执行硬件debugging via JTAG/BDMon remote targets running GDB server for GNU/Linux
  • Debug hypervisors,hypervisor guests,SMP Linux kernel,AMP Linux kernel,Linux kernel modules,and applications
  • Debug using hardware breakpoint,回溯和多线程调试支持


  • Gain valuable insight into your embedded system's behavior and performance withSourcery分析仪technology (included)
  • Identify and correct functional,timing,and performance bottlenecks
  • 执行Linux内核和用户空间的跟踪捕获和分析通过支持Linux Trace Toolkit(LTTng)示踪标志
  • 捕获的长期数据和全速内置大容量跟踪缓冲区和高速接口的多个平台
  • Analyze and Optimize Video applications with GSTREAMER instrumented Agents
  • Analyze and Optimize Graphic applications with QT instrumented Agents


  • QEMU instruction set simulators for select platforms
  • QEMU simulator for executing applications compiled for select non-x86 GNU/Linux platforms on x86 GNU/Linux hosts
  • sysroot工具来简化使用Sourcery CodeBench的库和动态链接器运行时,应用程序在目标系统与现有的GNU/Linux 安装


  • User Communityto interact and discuss design and development questions with peers and Sourcery CodeBench engineers
  • Technical support from open source experts
  • 全面的文档,包括详细的入门指南

Professional Services

We offerCPU的专业服务,silicon and OS vendors,including comprehensive customization and support for embedded hardware and 金宝愽备用网址software,including:

  • 工具链的移植和优化
  • IDE support for 金宝愽备用网址software development kits (SDKs)
  • Optimized performance libraries
  • 先进的分析工具
  • JTAG探针装置
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