创造令人信服的,interactive UIs for Nucleus RTOS with the Qt framework

The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt® application framework provides an open source solution to create rich user interfaces based on the开源qt项目.qt框架的核心端口提供了对广泛部署的技术的访问,cross-platform support,and access to a large development community of more than 450,000 developers in over 70 countries.


  • Integrated management of Qt projects within the Nucleus ReadyStart IDE
  • Integrated UI Design Tool
  • Support for key Qt library modules
  • 基于主机的用户界面开发与仿真
  • A footprint management tool
  • 系统级跟踪和分析可视化


Integrated management of Qt projects within the Nucleus ReadyStart IDE

Qt库和基于Qt的应用程序的管理和构建无缝集成到Nucleus ReadyStart IDE中,enabling developers to write and debug code within a single environment,and concealing the complexities of the Qt build system.

Integrated UI Design Tool

The Qt Designer tool provides a WYSIWYG layout environment that enables developers to easily create user interfaces based on Qt Widgets.The tool is integrated to the ReadyStart IDE and easily accessible from the Qt project.

Qt Library Module Support

Qt项目包含许多库模块,这些库模块构成了UI框架。Qt框架的Nucleus插件支持许多这些模块,包括核心模块和GUI模块。QT核心模块是所有基于QT的应用程序的基础,应用程序由其他模块使用的核心非图形类。It provides key functions such as file IO,event and object handling,multi-threading and concurrency,plugins,设置管理和对象间通信。


Qt GUI Module

The Qt GUI module contains the functionality needed to develop advanced graphical user interface applications.The Qt application framework uses the native graphics API of each supported platform,taking full advantage of system resources.The module provides key functions such as a complete set of customizable widgets,二维图形画布和OpenGL®集成,强大的字体和布局引擎,style engine and widget stylesheets,and anti-aliasing.这些功能可以帮助开发人员用更少的代码行来构建用户界面,并使用一组丰富的构建块来提供对UI应用程序外观的完全控制。

笔记本电脑插图 UI chip


The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework provides PC host-based simulation of UI designs via QEMU with host hardware graphics acceleration support enabling effective desk top UI development.这允许UI开发人员与其他开发团队成员一起迭代并提高生产效率,从而提出目标硬件。


The Qt framework has around 140 optional features.The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework provides a Footprint Management Tool to assist with configuring the features your application requires in order to minimize the application footprint on your target device.Checkboxes consistent with the Nucleus configuration allow base options to be turned on/off via the IDE.The"Build Compacted"生成选项自动检测并删除未使用的选项。此过程生成一个最小化的特定于应用程序的库实例。封装管理工具可以产生大约3MB的绝对最小嵌入式库封装。The footprint for the Washing Machine demonstration was reduced from ~13MB to ~4MB by using this tool.



  • Qt Resource Loading - Tracks when resources are being loaded.
  • Qt UI Core Events - Events from Qt's core library.
  • Qt UI Latency - Agent to determine where the Qt system has latency issues.
  • qt-ui平滑度-突出显示动画抖动的时间,或者帧率下降。
  • qt-ui启动-显示应用程序的启动阶段。

Sourcery Analyzer将用户界面特定的问题分析与系统级跟踪以及与Nucleus RTOS相关的时间可视化相结合,middleware and device driver events.

A2B和汽车音频总线是模拟设备的注册商标,Inc.Qt is a registered trademark of Digia Plc and/or its subsidiaries.All other trademarks mentioned in this document are trademarks of their respective owners.

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