Nucleus AMP

Nucleus AMP (Asymmetric Multiprocessing) allows the mixing of multiple independent Nucleus,Linux,and Bare Metal images to execute across multiple cores within an SoC.Depending on the requirements of the resident operating systems,the cores can be homogenous or heterogeneous mixtures within the Arm,MIPS,and Power Architecture processor families.

Mixture of SMP Linux with OpenAMP support for Nucleus RTOS and Bare Metal environments

Supervised AMP via Hypervisor with Nucleus in SMP mode

AMP Details

Deterministic,real-time performance

Each execution image maintains control of its assigned core,guaranteeing performance based on a deterministic and preemptive scheduler in the RTOS environments.


Existing Nucleus middleware and application code run unaltered on Nucleus AMP.

Supervisory features

Hypervisor supervised (sAMP),Hypervisor unsupervised (xAMP),and independent unsupervised (OpenAMP) are possible across all cores.

Interprocess Communication

Applications on each operating instance can communicate with each other though MCAPI (Multi-Core API) and/or rpmsg.

Shared Devices

I/O devices can be statically assigned to specific cores,由导师管理程序虚拟化,通过virtio(虚拟化IO)呈现多个实例的外观,or managed by a single core that allows sharing.

Multiple Architectures Supported

Support for the Arm Cortex family of processors,MIPS,Power Architecture,as well as soft cores.

Delivered as source code

Full access and control with minimal image size based on functionality.

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