DRS360™ Autonomous Driving Platform

Centralized raw data fusion and direct real-time sensing designed to meet requirements for SAE Level 5 autonomous vehicles.

The DRS360 platform fuses raw unfiltered data from radar,LIDAR,vision and other sensors in real-time.The platform is designed to deliver the low-latency,high-accuracy sensing required for Level 5 autonomous vehicles capable of navigating with no driver input.


DRS360 consists of Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC FPGAs,with advanced neural networking algorithms for machine learning,and a host of integration services built on system support package utilizing Mentor IP.The platform uses"raw data"approach that eliminates processing at sensor nodes from all sensor nodes.The result?Reduced cost and complexity for OEMs,suppliers,and autonomous driving developers working on systems that can see and act at the highest possible resolution.

The platform accommodates a wide array of sensors from leading suppliers and customer choice extends to the use of x86 and Arm-based SoCs for delivering key autonomous driving functionality such as sensor fusion and event detection,semantic perception of objects,applications such as situational awareness and path planning,and actuator control.For more information or to arrange a briefing,contact us atembedded_金宝愽备用网址software@mentor.com.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to data at all levels: Raw,fused and perception data available through the system
  • High performance,low power: raw sensor data directly connected to the platform only processed in the region of interest as needed reduces CPU load and supports fully autonomous driving under a 100-watt envelope
  • Multilevel fusion of raw sensor data: eliminates data bottlenecks and latency,provides headroom for future advances in processing and AI
  • Machine learning on fused data: advanced neural network using multilevel sensor fusion as input increases confidence in object recognition and reduces processing load
  • Automotive-grade platform: designed and tested for deployment in ISO 26262 ASIL D-compliant systems
  • Flexible deployment: FPGA-based solution delivers best combination of performance and power while giving customers options to further customize algorithms;accommodates a range of"raw data sensors"from leading vendors,also X86 or Arm-based SoCs and safety controllers
Fuse data from multiple sensors in real time.

Fuse raw data from multiple sensors in real time

From full sensor processing and control to delivering Level 5 functions through a single protected interface,DRS360 is a groundbreaking autonomous driving solution for auto OEMs and autonomous drive (AD) developers.An architecture built around centralized FPGA-based processing and machine learning reduces computation and integration complexity while boosting power efficiency.The result is an AD system delivering the most complete and accurate view of a vehicle's surroundings in all driving conditions.

Centralized raw data fusion vs.Classical data processing

In recent years,the drive to implement ever more ADAS features has led to a proliferation of sensors around the vehicle.Traditionally these ADAS systems have used a distributed compute architecture that pushes data processing to each node.That is,the camera,RADAR,LIDAR and other sensors wind up independently filtering and processing streams of data,which are then sent to different applications or fusion modules.

The distributed approach is beset by a host of problems,including unacceptable system latency in the transfer of safety critical information,the loss of potentially useful data at the edge nodes,and rapid increases in cost and power consumption as driver-assist systems become more complicated.

Is it even possible to efficiently scale up from this architecture to reach Level 5 autonomy?We doubt it,and that's why we developed the DRS360 platform.

Drawbacks to the classical approach to ADAS/AD:
excessive power consumption and 金宝愽备用网址software complexity.

DRS360takes a different approach: centralized raw data fusion.Rather than try to scale lower levels of ADAS up,DRS360 is a system optimized for Level 5 autonomous drive,and engineered to easily scale down to Levels 4,3 and even 2.

Centralized raw datafusion eliminates the inherent limitation of today's distributed ADAS/AD architectures.DRS360 connects raw sensor data to a centralized automated driving compute module over high-speed communication lines,and then fuses this data in real time.A high-speed,low latency communication framework developed by Mentor makes all sensor data — raw and processed — available across the system at all times.With access to a high-resolution model of the vehicle's surrounding environment,our perception algorithms make decisions faster and with more processing efficiency than other ADAS/AD solutions.And our use of advanced neural networking caps DRS360 power consumption at just 100 watts.

The DRS360 platform and its innovative,centralized raw data fusion approach is the only automotive-grade,production-intent solution for Level 5 autonomous driving currently available on the market.

Faster,smarter and lower cost solution
to implement autonomous driving.
DRS360: the pillar of Mentor's
autonomous driving and ADAS portfolio.

Leverage an industry-unique autonomous driving and ADAS portfolio

DRS360 is the central pillar ofMentor's AD & ADAS offerings.Our broad portfolio includes hardware,金宝愽备用网址software and system design;integration of customer algorithms and plug-ins;and customized delivery of the most important AD functionality such as capturing and processing raw data,event detection,semantic perception and actuator control.Contact us today atembedded_金宝愽备用网址software@mentor.com.

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